Sharing - Setting SyberTV On Unifi Box

1st install apps near the Unifi box .. can be found near the google play store in unifi plus

(1st install apps nie dekat unifi box.. boleh cri dkat google play store dlm unifi plus)

open apps, after installed, proceed to developer options

(open apps lepas daa install pergi dekat developer options)

Enable all just like this

(enable smua jd mcm nie)

Next, insta;; apps on your phone.

(lepastuh install apps nie dekat phone)

Open this app and press the button that looks like a socket. Make sure the phone uses wifi the same as the box.

(open apps 👆nie dan tekan butang mcm soket tuh.. pastikan fon pkai wifi sme mcm box)

Later, it will ask us for the IP box key.

(nanti dia akn minta kita key in ip box)

Find the IP address near the Unifi box wifi setting

(cari ip address dekat setting wifi unifi box tuh)

Fill in the IP address, you will see a popup screen.

(isi ip address dan nnti akn kluar popup dkat tv)

If connected, will come out an ID device besides the plug image like just now,

Go to the package. It will come out like this. Then, select the APK file.

Make sure the APK file exists on the phone.

(kalau dah connect akn kluar id device kt sebelah gambar plug td

pergi dekat package

dia akn kluar cmni lepas tuh select apk file

mke sure apk file tuh ade dlm fon)

After that, click the + button on top

Can use on Unifi plus box or other android boxes.

This only installs on a mobile phone.

Not complicated at all. This because nowadays most all use Apps.

Hope the sharing benefits everyone.

(lepas tuh click butang + kt atas tuh

boleh share ni min dekat group

boleh pkai kt unifi plus box atau lain2 android box

nie install pkai fon je

xcomplicated sbb smua pkai apps

boleh copy apps fon direct.. technical mcm adb

Semoga bermanfaat. 🤲🏼 )



bila user pakai vpn, internet activity korg tu kena encrypt jadi isp tak tahu ape yg korg tgh pakai. isp tahu korang pakai internet tapi x tahu jenis activity ape. jadi selamat le korg punye P2P streaming. pengguna TM, sila tukar router dan jangan pakai dns TM tu je aku nak cakap. nak lagi padu, pakai router bukan dari TM + VPN. confirm licin bak belut sybert korg. mcm mana nak configure router tu syarat password akaun unifi kena ada.



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